The Golden Harvest

A Documentary FilM

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The Journey of Liquid Gold Around the Mediterranean


If it were a woman, olive oil would be the Mediterranean’s Scherhazade, the great storyteller. Through hundreds of wars, Biblical times, and the current migrant crisis it has been steadfast, seeping into the culture, economics, history, politics, religion and food of this area for more than 6,000 years.   In The Golden Harvest, the camera lets olive oil weave its way around the Mediterranean, stopping at different spots, introducing us to the colorful, often touching characters that inhabit the world of olive oil today.


Directed by Alia Yunis
Producers: Alia Yunis & Jaime Estrada Torres
Co Producers: Fabio Fassone, Sueher Wattad,Diana Farr Louis, Vivien Sansour
Editor: Jaime Estrada-Torres
Cinematographer: Fuad Hindieh Sound: Dimitrious Kanellpoulous
Additional Camera: Alexandros Asplint, Celia Petersen, Theophilos Gerontpoulos
Starring: The People of the Mediterranean
Web Designer: Ramsey Yunis

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follow Olive oil's 6,000 year journey around the Mediterranean through the stories of its people.


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