"I do not see olive trees, without seeing love and dreams and hope, and I wanted to capture that on film. I look forward to bringing the characters that inhabit the everyday cult of olive oil to the rest of the world. I’m also proud that this film has naturally unfolded into a multinational project, with teammates and key crew from several countries, including Spain, Greece, Italy, Colombia, Palestine, Slovenia, Jordan, Lebanon, Israel, Iraq, Iran, Finland, the UK and the Netherlands"  -Alia Yunis


Alia Yunis (Director/Producer) has been drinking olive oil straight up since she was a baby. She is a writer, and filmmaker who has worked on projects in the US (mostly Los Angeles), the Middle East, Africa, Europe and the South Pacific.

She has produced several award-winning short films, her favorite being the multi-award winning Dreams in Their Eyes, which tells the story of one harrowing week in the lives of children and volunteer doctors in the refugee camps in Lebanon. She is a PEN Emerging Voices Fellow and a writing award from Warner Bros., and her debut novel, The Night Counter (Random House), has been critically acclaimed by the Washington Post, Entertainment Weekly, and several other publications, as well as being a Hot Picks title by Target Stores. Her non-fiction and fiction has appeared in numerous journals, books, magazines and anthologies. She produced and co-directed the award-winning documentary, Manhunt, a very raw look at the year in the life of three women desperate to get married, which played on Oxygen Channel in the US as a Valentine’s Day special.

Currently, she teaches at Zayed University in Abu Dhabi, where she developed ZUMEFF (www.zumeff.com), which brings together film students and faculty from around the Arab world for two days of screenings of the best student films in the region.

Jaime Estrada-Torres (Editor/Producer) has edited films such as Biggie and Tupac (Dir: Nick Bromfield) and Tango Maestro. He has been an Avid Film Products Specialist for Avid Europe, Avid Certified Instructor and Avid Instructor and Consultant for feature films using Avid Film Composer on projects such as Tomorrow Never Dies, The Empire Strikes Back, Eyes Wide Shut, and Band of Brothers.

Fabio Fassone (co-producer) is a musician, entrepreneur, cook, and gastronome. He makes his own extra virgin olive oil and he ages his own cheeses. He is the creator of an exquisite chocolate that combines olive oil and salt. He is the founder, president, and director of SALTEXPÓ (www.saltexpo.com), the first traveling international conference in the world devote to SALT and its countless expressions.  He is currently a manager at the Florence Opera.